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Yeah I'm plugging my brother's site again and for good reason, actually a couple of good reasons. 1 - He's my brother, 2 - He's got mad modeling skills and 3- He just re-launched his new site, and now it's loaded with even more kinds of awesome. Epic gallery, WIPS, Tutorials and more. So do him a solid and check it out, you won't be disappointed.
I lurk around on here daily. It's probably the best place to get advice, help and critiques on your work. They also have news, interviews, articles and reviews.
Geared at video game art, these forums are another great place to shoot the shit and get help and advice on your work. Another thing I like about this site is that it's a little more laid back then some of the others. Lot's of laughs can be found there.
The Polycount wiki boasts an absolute shit load of valuable information relating to all aspects of game design. With tons of info, articles, tutorials and even whitepapers, it's definitely one of the best resources around.
Galleries, Tutorials, Contests, Forums and more.
Go here for all things Zbrushy.
For user's of Autodesk software, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Softimage, Mudbox etc...
Industry News, Galleries, Interviews, Forums, Competitions and Product Reviews. This community site has pretty much everything your greedy ass wants.
These Forums are geared toward video game art, hence the name...
Stay in the know, with in depth articles, news and behind the scenes info on the FX of your favorite movies with this kick ass online mag.
Galleries, Tutorials and forums...oh my! They also offer a free downloadable monthly magazine that's always loaded with tons of good shit.
Another pretty good place to find all kind of GC related stuff. This site has Articles, Interviews, Reviews, Making of's, Galleries, Tutorials, 3D Models and loads of other stuff.
Training Materials And Such
Yes I do tutorials for them, but that's not the only reason I'm listing it in here. Over the years, I've spent as much time as anyone scouring the web for good tutorials and they're not easy to find. Cgtuts has a great selection of tutorials for pretty much every software package out there, and most of them are authored by professional artists (myself not included) and they're free!
The big name when it comes to training content. They offer training for a wide variety of software packages, all authored by industry professionals.
Learn next gen game making techniques from professional game artist (and Autodesk Master) Riki Babington and co. with these dvds.
Really great training dvds. They offer detailed, step by step training for most software packages. In my opinion, they're a lot more user friendly and easy to follow, then say Gnomon dvds, especially for the noobs out there. Check out their new on demand subscription service and say goodbye to sleep, showers, your girlfriend, wife and or mistress and pretty much just life in general.
High end training materials mainly geared towards the compositing side of things. I'm pretty sure they were the first company to offer a video on demand service for online training, which was a great idea.
Free Scripts
This handy little script for 3ds Max 9 will add a whole side bar full of useful tools to 3ds Max's Unwrap UVW modifier. I've been using it for years and it's a real time saver. Highly recommended!
As the name suggests this sweet little script will let you scatter grass, rocks, hair and custom objects around in Max's viewports, using a brush based painting system.
Tons of useful scripts for 3D Studio Max users.
Lots of free Studio Max plugins for all versions.
A collection of macroscripts courtesy of Mr. Neil Blevins (of Pixar). Neil's got a ton of other good stuff on his site as well.
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